Baby shower

Baby shower

What is mean by baby shower?

Baby shower is the function celebrated during the pregnancy journey. It is usually done at 7th or 9th month of the pregnancy time. All over the world, the baby shower function is done. Each and every country will follow different kind of baby shower function. None of the country function will be same. And most important thing angelcare vs owlet, the baby shower will differ for each and every religion too. Some countries will conduct the baby shower function as party and some other will do many rituals to the pregnant lady and baby in the womb. 

The common thing is, the relatives and friends will gather together to cheer up the pregnant women. Some countries will relieve the gender of the baby during the baby shower function and in some countries, it is illegal to relieve the gender of the baby. So, according to the convenience of the family and culture baby shower functions are conducted. It is mainly done to encourage the pregnant women strong by both mentally and physically. The husband will also accompany with the wife and do all the activities. It is mainly doing to show, that husband should take care of the baby in absence of wife and baby growth is common to both. There is no difference in between father and mother.

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Reasons to conduct baby shower:

As we told already, baby shower function is mainly done to encourage the pregnant women and her husband. Pregnant women will have different kinds of queries about the delivery and baby growth. So, each and every people will share their own experience about the delivery. It will be more helpful for the pregnant women and she can gain different kinds of knowledge. She will have clear idea about what will happen during the delivery. It’s the day made for her, because she undergoes different kinds of phases throughout the pregnancy. So, different kinds of food items were kept in that day and ask her to have it with joy. In party mode of baby shower, some different kinds of activities are done to entertain the relatives and friends. 

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All will participate in the activities and enjoy the day a lot. At last, the gender of the baby will be relieved through different kinds of methods. In some other types, rituals will be done and different taste of foods will be given to the pregnant women. She needs to have all foods because baby will also taste that food from the mother womb. And bangles will be also wearing to the women, to encourage the baby movements. Babies will move according to the sound and react to it. Many gift items will be given on that day to the new mom and dad, which will be helpful after the baby birth because they don’t have much idea about what are the things they need to buy after the delivery. So, this thing will be helpful to the new parents and they will buy the same too during the growth of the baby.